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My HomeMonitor regularly disconnects from or can no longer connect to my Wi-Fi

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2015 02:00PM GMT
This article is for customers having problems where their camera's Wi-Fi has already been set up successfully, but sometimes disconnects. If you are having trouble setting up your camera's Wi-Fi in the first place, please refer to the following article instead: Otherwise, please continue below:

If your camera is continuously having difficulties maintaining a connection to your Wi-Fi network, or has lost connection and won't reconnect, we primarily recommend setting up your camera's Wi-Fi again. This can be done very easily by connecting it to your router by Ethernet, waiting for the power light to go green, logging in to your HomeMonitor account on your computer and navigating to Camera Manager > Wi-Fi Settings.

If your camera continues having problems maintaining a connection to your Wi-Fi network, there are three main reasons why your camera may be struggling to make or retain a reliable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Distance from your Wi-Fi router
  • Your internet speed at that distance
  • Your router's Wi-Fi settings
1.     Distance from the Wi-Fi source. Due to signal strength and bandwidth requirements, we normally recommend placing the camera no further than 10-15 metres / 30-45 feet away from your router; closer if there are obstacles in the way such as walls, floors or ceilings. More information about this can be found here:

If you want to use your HomeMonitor outside of this range, this is not a problem. In this case we would suggest using an Ethernet connection, installing a Wi-Fi signal extender or repeater, or using a HomePlug

2.    Failure to retain a Wi-Fi connection due to your your internet speed. Standard definition cameras (like the HomeMonitor Indoor and Outdoor) will each need a minimum upload speed of 0.25 Mbps to retain a connection. High definition cameras (like the HomeMonitor HD and HD Pro) will each need a minimum upload speed of 0.5 Mbps to keep connected.

You can check your internet speed for free at – it can be worth completing this on a Wi-Fi connected device (whether laptop, tablet or smartphone), as this will give you a better indication of how much bandwidth your camera has available to make and retain a connection.

3.     Your router’s wireless settings. The most reliable Wi-Fi connection are made using WPA or WPA2 security, AES encryption and a Wi-Fi channel of 1, 6 or 11. You may find your connection more reliable by configuring these particular options in your router settings (for instance, we have found that WEP is particularly troublesome when sending large amounts of data over Wi-Fi). If you do not know what your wireless security settings are, these are displayed when searching for Wi-Fi through the HomeMonitor Wi-Fi Settings page.

If the issue persists, simply contact us here, passing on the details you have found out whilst completing the steps above:

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