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My camera is recording when I do not want it to

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2014 06:25PM GMT
If you are finding yourself receiving lots of false alarms or too many notifications, it can be worth tweaking your Motion Recording Settings to try and reduce these. By heading to Camera Manager and then to Motion Recording Settings, you can try the following to reduce the number of videos your camera is making:
The sensitivity sliders to the right of the motion recording zones allow you to choose how large a movement you want to occur before your camera begins a motion recording. Moving the slider towards ‘Small movement’ will mean that your camera will generate recordings from the smallest of movements, whether that be the swaying of trees. Moving the slider towards ‘Large movement’ will mean that a larger movement (like those of a person or a car) will trigger recordings, whilst those of smaller objects do not.
It may also be worth changing your motion recording zones. Motion recordings are triggered when the edge of a motion recording zone is crossed. Having two zones, or just one zone placed in an area where zone borders are likely to be crossed, may cause more motion recordings.

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