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My camera is not recording or clips are missing

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2015 12:56PM BST

If motion is taking place in front of the camera, but videos are not appearing in your camera’s Video Archive, this generally indicates your motion recording settings need fine-tuning. You can tell when your camera is uploading video because its status light will flash green.
There are a few reasons your camera may not record:

  • Your camera’s motion recording is not active

  • The motion detection zones have not been placed in the right area

  • The motion detection zones have not been made sensitive enough

  • Your camera does not have sufficient bandwidth to upload video

Steps to try:

  • Enable motion recording in My Home - the Motion Recording button needs to be bold rather than greyed out

  • Ensure the motion recording schedule is active for that time of the day - this can be amended under Camera Manager > Motion recording settings. Check the camera is set to the correct time zone.

  • Adjust the placement of the motion recording zone - the motion zone box needs to be crossed across an edge for an event to to be triggered, just like a tripwire. This means if the zone is too large, it may not trigger. Try to make your zones smaller or more precisely placed. For instance, at the edge of a door frame where a person will walk, rather than encompassing the entire door.

  • Ensure sensitivity sliders are sensitive to smaller movements, so they are more likely to be triggered. Moving the slider to the right increases the sensitivity.

  • Run a speed test to ensure your camera has enough bandwidth to upload video- our HD cameras require a minimum 512kbps upload speed. You can test your upload speed at If your speed is too low, image quality will also be low. For accurate results, run this test on a connection identical to that of the camera. If your camera is on Wi-Fi, run this test on Wi-Fi near where the camera is placed, if your camera is on Ethernet, run the test on Ethernet.

If you continue experiencing issues with a low quality image, please contact our support team by using the ‘Email us’ link on the right, advising which of the steps above you have followed to fix your motion recording.

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